Count Don Rutherford Cardinal Johnson's passion for going off the beaten path began during his time in Boy Scouts. Having already crossed the equator at the age of 2, the Cardinal's Scouting experience included backcountry wilderness experience on foot and by canoe, survival training, cave exploration, and environmental conservation work. He is also an experienced horseman and high altitude mountaineer and has professional credentials as a cartographer and geospatial analyst. That experience laid the groundwork for subsequent field science and research that has taken place on three continents and in both urban areas and remote locations. Projects have included such themes as environment safety and conservation, land use, cross-cultural understanding, and investigation into the effects of high altitude and extreme environment on human behaviou/r and decision-making. In recognition of his work, the Cardinal was elected to membership in the famed Explorers Club in New York, and he was an active member for a decade. Don Rutherford's field work has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals and presented at institutions of higher learning around the world.

Above the Arctic Circle.

Sandstorm in Inner Mongolia from the Gobi Desert.

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